ndOffice 2.9 Update Notes


ndOffice 2.9 offers new features designed to improve productivity. Details and descriptions of the product improvements are listed below the download links.

Links to download ndOffice 2.9:

Highlighted Changes

Home Tab in the Activity Center

ndOffice 2.9 gives you the ability to access your Home Page items from the Home tab in the Activity Center. You can star or unstar items from here just like you can in the web interface. You can also select the Refresh i-line-refresh.png button to manually sync the Activity Center display of your Home Page with your web display of your Home Page. Navigating around the Activity Center will also refresh it automatically.

With the Activity Center at its default width, the Home tab is displayed in one column but it will adapt to multiple columns as needed when you drag the edge of the dialog to resize it if you have multiple columns on your Home Page. 

With the ndOffice 2.9 release, the Pin Pin_button.png button which was used in older releases was replaced with the standard Windows buttons to control the Activity Center behavior as described below. 

  • Select the Minimize Minimize_Windows_Buttons.png and Maximize Maximize_Windows_Buttons.png buttons to resize the Activity Center.
  • Select the Close i-activitycenter-close.png button to hide the Activity Center to the notification area.


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ndOffice Activity and All Synced Items Tabs in the Activity Center

ndOffice 2.9 provides the ndOffice Activity and All Synced Items tabs in the Activity Center, where you can see your local document activity and your synced documents.

On the ndOffice Activity tab, you can see your activity with the documents that you have recently worked on with ndOffice for the device you're on. This list is the same list as the ndOffice Activity list in previous versions of ndOffice. 


By default, the All Synced Items tab is hidden.
To make it visible, you need to manually create the TurnOnPDC registry and set it to True.

NOTE: the EchoRetention registry setting must be greater than 0, which indicates echoing is Enabled.

NOTE: The reason why the user has to use the TurnOnPDC and EchoRetention registry settings together is that when the EchoRetention is set to 0, ndOffice will not store any documents locally.

This tab contains a combined list of your favorite documents (i.e. documents on your Home Page) and your Recent Documents list from the web UI. With this feature enabled, these documents remain actively synchronized on your device so you'll always have access to the latest changes locally. This ensures that you can go offline at any time with the latest changes and it also improves the time to open a document because it is already downloaded to your device. 

For a synchronized document, ndOffice will not download the document from the Web. This document will be opened locally.

Any document you open from the All Synced Items tab will then be added to the ndOffice Activity tab.


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Save Single Documents to NetDocuments

ndOffice 2.9 provides the Save to NetDocuments option to the context menu of Windows Explorer when you select a single document.

  1. Select the Save to NetDocuments option from the context menu, and then you will see the ndSave.
  2. Select the location.

The document will be saved to NetDocuments and will be shown on the ndOffice Activity tab of the Activity Center.


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Document Location When Saving as New Version

You can now see the location of the document on the Details pane and the full path to that location on the Navigation Pane. In the navigation tree, you will see the first location if the document has multiple locations.


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Enforce the DLP Restriction on Downloading Documents

ndOffice 2.9 restricts the ability to use the File > Save As functions when DLP No Download is applied. This will work only for documents for which local saving is restricted. 

NOTE: This will not work for Visio. Unfortunately, Visio API does not have any possibility to cancel document saving.

Implemented Offline Opening For Synced Documents

Now, you can sync documents and then open them in offline mode from the Activity Center.

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Additional Improvements

  • ndOffice 2.9 provides the ability to save the email body and attachments separately but will now link them together in NetDocuments.
  • ndOffice 2.9 has a new option on the right-click menu in ndOffice dialogs (including in the Outlook view and the Activity Center) to send both a copy of the document and a link to the document in one step.
  • ndOffice 2.9 provides the new Activity Center title bar that supports standard Windows button behavior: minimize, close, and maximize the dialog.
  • If you cancel the simultaneous login request from different applications, you will not be requested to log in multiple times.
  • You can now see an attachment icon for new emails saved with attachments in the ndOpen, ndSave, ndAttach dialogs, and Outlook pane view. Note: old emails won't have the attachment applied to them for the time being. 
  • New emails filed by ndOffice do not show the attachment icon if the email has only embedded attachments. Inline (or embedded) attachments are also hidden in the ndSave dialog to reduce confusion with signature icons.
  • The exe, msi64, msi86 files in ndOffice installer package are stored in one folder.
  • When you select the Print option for any document(s), the print action logged in ndOffice as Printed into EchoingClientJournal.log instead of being logged as Opened.
  • ndOffice 2.9 adds to trace logging more complex method parameters: classes, collections, and others.
  • Removed the IP Court Filing feature from ndOffice for Internet Explorer.

NOTE: For court filing, we now recommend using our browser extension, available for Chrome or Edge.

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Fixed Issues

Fixed an issue where Send & File did not recognize email when using the Citrix ShareFile link.

Fixed an issue where multi-value profile fields only retrieved the first value when saving a document from ndOffice.

Fixed an issue where users with the VE rights could create workspace folders via ndOffice.

Fixed an issue where check-in did not occur when using Microsoft OneDrive synced folder.

Fixed an issue where users could not save auto replied emails.

Fixed an issue with saving certain documents in Acrobat Reader.

Fixed an issue where spaces were not truncated before and after symbols in version description.

Fixed an issue with loading the wrong list of versions on the Details pane.

Fixed an issue where items opened through ndOffice without downloading were not shown in the ndOffice Activity list.

Fixed an issue where ndOffice locked up when a user’s default profile was applied over the default locations.

Fixed an issue where ndOffice Save as caused negative currency cells format to add round brackets.

Fixed an issue where you could not save emails because they moved to deleted items.

Fixed an issue where Adobe crashed while saving a local document to NetDocuments.

Fixed an issue where an internal error occurred after clicking the OK button in the Edit Profile dialog.

Fixed an issue with printing a document from the Activity Center because of an internal error.

Fixed an issue with closing multiple documents after the update to the new version of ndOffice with an old DB.

Fixed an issue with saving meeting’s replies (accept, decline, meeting forward notification).

Fixed an issue with previewing the archived Outlook item via Veritas Enterprise Vault (EV).

Fixed an issue with entering spaces into the description section in the Edit Profile dialog opened from the Activity Center.

Fixed an issue where closing an item with the Close i-activitycenter-close.png button and then clicking the Save button could cause the application to hang and not save correctly. 

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Extensibility API Improvements and Fixes

Provided an ability to select the version.subversion checkbox on Save As.

Fixed an issue with the Save As method of ndOffice v2.8.1 resulted in the modified date of 12/29/1899 7:00:00 PM. 

New Registry Settings

Registry Name


Type Comments/Values


HKLM(HKCU)\SOFTWARE\NetVoyage\ NetDocuments

String Value

  • True
  • False (default)

Set the True value to make the All Synced Items tab in the Activity Center visible.

NOTE: To make the All Synced Items tab visible, you also need to set the EchoRetention greater than 0 (1 is the minimum number of retention days).


HKLM(HKCU)\SOFTWARE\NetVoyage\ NetDocuments

String Value

Registry setting to control database location


HKLM(HKCU)\SOFTWARE\NetVoyage\ NetDocuments

String Value

Registry setting to control echo folder location

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