API Changes to Lookup Table


Beginning in September 2021, we will begin implementing a change that will improve how users search for the workspaces and other lookup table-based values. This change will enhance the performance of lookup tables in NetDocuments and will allow for the future implementation of exciting new features.

Most users will not notice any changes, as the new behavior more closely matches the way users already tend to search. The behavior of the Begin with searches is not changing.

Highlighted Changes

The examples below illustrate a change in which results are returned when you search the lookup tables using the Contains search.

To do this, enter the value into the Go to Workspace field, as shown in the screenshot.


In the example below, you can see the differences between current and future searches for the 000254.512 lookup table value.

Current Contains Search Future Contains Search
Criteria: 4.5  Result: 000254.512 Criteria: 4.5 Result: None
Criteria: 512 Result: 000254.512 Criteria: 254  Result: 000254.512

In short, the Key and Description fields of the lookup table will be searchable with Contains when your criterion includes:

  • the beginning of any contiguous alphanumeric string (a-z, A-Z, 0-9) within the field you are searching for;
  • the Contains field also looks past leading zeros (for example, you can search for 254 when the value is 000254).

NOTE: The Begin with search will not be impacted by this change.

This change also applies to the API call: GET /v1/attributes/{repositoryId}/{attrNum}/{parentVal}?$filter=substringof(…)


We will be rolling this change out to repositories starting in September. One to two weeks prior to this change, Repository admins will receive a notice within the product specifying when their repository is scheduled to receive the update.