ndMail for Gmail


Table of Contents

Setup and System Requirements

Before you use ndMail for Gmail, your administrator must install the ndMail add-on via a domain-wide deployment. It can be deployed to specific groups, if needed - you can find those steps here

System Requirements:

  • Google Workspace account must be at least Business Starter (see here for more info).
  • Supported desktop browsers:
      • Google Chrome
      • Microsoft Edge
      • Firefox
      • Safari
  • Browser needs to have cookies, and JavaScript support turned on.

Install ndMail Add-on In Gmail for Administrators

Follow the next steps to set up the service account with domain-wide access to configure your Gmail domain with NetDocuments:

  1. Go to Google Cloud Platform.

NOTE: If you get this dialog, choose your country, select the Terms of Service checkbox after reviewing them, and then select Agree and Continue.


  1. In the upper-left corner, click the Select a new project button, and then select the already created project, or choose New Project in the upper-right corner of the dialog.
  2. Enter the project name.
  3. Select the location of your organization.


  1. You will get a notification about your project creation with two options:


      • The first option is the Select Project button. Select this button to see the project dashboard and two other tabs: Activity and Recommendations.


NOTE: In the Project info section, you can select the Add People To This Project button.

      • The second option is the Add Members button. Select this to add a new member and select a role for him/her:


Enable Gmail API

  1. In the upper-left corner of the screen, click Select a project and go to your project.


  1. On the Navigation Navigation_menu.png menu, go to APIs & Services, and then select Library.


  1. In the Google Workspace section, select Gmail API


  1. Select the Enable button.

Service Accounts

  1. On the Navigation Navigation_menu.png menu, go to IAM & Admin, and then select Service Accounts.


  1. Create a service account.


  1. Set service account name:
      • This will populate the service account ID for you.
      • You do not need to set a description.

TIP: Save your service account ID somewhere since you’ll need to put that in the ndMail admin UI pages to set up your configuration.

  1. Select Create and Continue.


  1. In step 2, select Continue if you do not want to set a role.
  2. Select Done in step 3.

Note: It is not required to grant user access.

Now you’ll have a row for your service account.

Manage Details

  1. Select the More options three_dots.png icon in the Actions column, and then choose Manage Details.


  1. Select Show Domain-wide Delegation.


  1. Select the Enable Google Workspace Domain-wide Delegation.
  2. Enter a product name (for example, ndMail for Gmail).
  3. Select Save.
  4. Get your client ID.

TIP: Save your ID. You will need this in a later step.

  1. On the Keys tab, create a key.


  1. Select the JSON type and then select the Create button.


  1. After this, you will get a notification: Private key saved to your computer.

Manage Domain-wide Delegation

  1. Go to admin.google.com.
  2. Select Security.
  3. Scroll down to API.
  4. Select Manage Domain-wide Delegation.
  5. Select Add new on the upper-left side of the table.


  1. Enter your client ID and the following scopes:
  2. Select the Authorize button.
  3. Get your JSON file that will be downloaded to your computer.

TIP: Save this. You’ll need it to set up your configuration.

Create Connection with ndMail

  1. On the Navigation pane of NetDocuments Admin Console, select ndMail Configuration.


  1. On the Connections tab, select the Create Connection button.
  2. From the Connection type dropdown menu, select Gmail.


  1. Enter your email in the boxes:
      • Gmail Service Account Email (from step 3 in the Service Account section of this article)
      • Verification Email (a valid email address within your domain)
  1. Select a file for Gmail JSON Credential, and then select the Save button.


On the Cabinets tab, turn on the toggle for the cabinet(s) you want to use with ndMail.



Install the Add-on to Your Domain

  1. Go to the Google Workspace Marketplace to install ndMail for Gmail.
  2. Select Domain Install.
  3. In the Domain wide install dialog, select Continue.


  1. You can enable it by the full domain or by groups:


  1. In the authentication dialog, select the Terms of Service checkbox, and then choose Allow.


If you want to confirm installation:

  1. In the admin console, go to Apps Google Workspace Marketplace apps.
  2. Select it, and you’ll see ndMail installed. You can select it to see what’s going on.

NOTE: You can revoke access from here, too.

Configure ndMail for Gmail for Users

Here’s how your users will get started with ndMail for Gmail.

Once you open Gmail, this is what you’ll see:


  1. When you select the add-on, you will see the panel.
  2. Select your host location, and then select Log In.


  1. When you get an OAuth dialog, select Allow.