ndOCR Processor Change


ndOCR Announcement - May 1, 2021

On or after July 1, 2021 (“Cutover Date”), NetDocuments will provide optical character recognition (“OCR”) services directly for newly added documents and will no longer be using DocsCorp Pty Ltd. as a subprocessor for its ndOCR Services.

The NetDocuments OCR service will function within NetDocuments’ controlled servers and infrastructure and will employ all technical, administrative, and security safeguards in place for the rest of our Service. As an existing customer, there will be no change to your current billing cycle or license fees. Customers will continue to enjoy fast, high-quality background OCR processing of content.

If you have questions regarding this change, please reach out to your NetDocuments account representative. For technical questions, please contact NetDocuments Support.


Update – June 21, 2021

We are planning to enact this change in OCR services on August 1, 2021.