Conversation Filing


This feature improves filing efficiency by automatically filing items in a conversation after one message is filed. This functionality is sometimes referred to as "luggage tags," and the NetDocuments predictive filing approach solves the same problem as legacy luggage tagging. This feature is optional.

To enable it, in the upper-right corner of the ndMail predictions panel, select the Settings Settings_button.png button, and then select the Conversation filing checkbox.


If you enable or disable Conversation filing, the changes will be activated after switching to another item.

Administrators can also enable this feature via a registry setting.

For more registry settings, follow this link

With Conversation filing enabled, ndMail will automatically pre-select the same NetDocuments location where previous messages in the same conversation were filed.

Best Practice Note: Conversation filing automatically selects a filing location without any user interaction. As such, we recommend it for power users or users who are trained on its functionality.

ndMail 1.8 introduces a refinement to the File&Move feature to allow you to keep sent items in the Sent Items folder even if File & Move is enabled. To enable this option, select the Settings Settings_button.png button on the ndMail panel and select the Do not move Sent Items checkbox as shown below.


NOTE: When Conversation filing is enabled, the File&Move option will be turned off.

You can enable the File&Move option via registry settings:

  1. Go to the IsFileAndMoveOperationSelected registry.
  2. Select the Data Type:
      • the True String Value to enable the File&Move option.
      • False to disable this option.

If you clear the Enable one-click filing checkbox, then the selected item will only be filed after you confirm the pre-selection by clicking the File button.

If you select the Enable one-click filing checkbox, then moving away from the active message will automatically file the message to the pre-selected location without any intervention (effectively no-click filing). Generally, in our user research, we discovered that most users who use conversation filing would also want one-click filing enabled to file messages without any interaction automatically.

To Send and File a New Email:

  1. To write a new message, select New Email(or Reply or Forward an email).
  2. Draft and review the email message, and then select a filing location.
  3. Select Send.

The email message is filed to the selected location.

NOTE: You can also send and file a meeting.

The screenshot below shows a new indicator for the cabinet tabs when a location is pre-selected by conversation filing. This new indicator is an outlined checkmark (previously we introduced dark-filled checkmark). The outlined checkmark indicates that the filing location is pre-selected automatically while the dark-filled checkmark indicates that the item is successfully filed and indexed in NetDocuments. See the two screenshots below for reference. 


Pre-selected for filing (for example, auto-selected by conversation filing)


Filed and indexed in NetDocuments (note an additional checkmark on folder/filter/workspace icon)


When replying to or forwarding a message, the location is automatically pre-selected. ndMail pre-selects the location if any messages in the conversation were filed by you or another NetDocuments user at your organization. 


To learn more about ndMail functionality, see the ndMail page here.