SmartView Update Notes


SmartView is an interactive, HTML-based viewer and details pane that includes access to collaborative commenting, document insight, and case linking. 

Follow the SmartView section to be aware of upcoming updates.

Release Date Notes

15 September 2021


  • Added the ability for users to Use Keyboard Arrows to Navigate through document list when preview is enabled
  • Added Email Conversation View for emails that are part of a larger email thread
  • Added Cabinet Setting - Show First in the access section in the Details Panel

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Smartview was not displaying the proper message for Deliver a secure link

27 May 2021

  • Fixed a bug where Margin Notes disappeared.
  • Fixed language formatting for EU date format.
  • Fixed an issue where the non-official version would not render in Full View.
  • Fixed a bug where the Favorite Icon was not reflecting status correctly.
  • Removed the 25MB file limit for TIFF files.

19 Apr 2021

  • Implemented Hot Keys/Keyboard Short Cuts to work with the new SmartView panel.
  • Arrow keys allow users to move through the document list in Preview mode.
  • Allow downloading/checking out specific non-official document versions.
  • Implemented a new TIFF previewer for TIFF files.
  • Fixed a scaling UI issue in Chrome.
  • Fixed a bug where date formatted string caused issues.