ndMail for Microsoft 365 Version 1.5 Update Notes (BETA)


What's New in ndMail for Microsoft 365 (M365) Version 1.5

Note: Microsoft has rebranded Office 365 (O365) to Microsoft 365 (M365) so we are doing the same. 

ndMail for Microsoft 365 (M365) version 1.5 offers you more features and improvements to enhance the user experience.

UI Improvements

Pinned Locations 

Click "Pin" icon to view pinned locations in predictions panel. 


Once you click the "pin" icon, it will change from gray --> blue color and your predictions panel will show your pinned locations at the top with a pin icon next to them. 


To "pin" a location, click the 3 dots to the right of that location, and click the Pin Location option. 


To "unpin" a location, follow the same steps as above. Simply click the 3 dots to the right of the pinned location and click the Unpin Location option. 


Access Menu

The Access Menu (where you can control permissions of your email before filing) is now located directly above the predictions panel.


For those using Conversation Filing, this Access Menu will update to retain/show the same access controls that were set for the previous filing of the conversation. 

Search Updates

Search results are shown in a separate view instead of in the drop-down.

The Search icon will be blue while you're in the search view. Click the Search icon again to go back to the predictions view. 

Once a search result is selected from search results or the search results view is closed by clicking the Search icon again, the search criteria is cleared. 



Note: These are draft release notes and may be updated at any time.

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