ndMirror 1.7


We are pleased to announce that ndMirror 1.7 is available for beta testing.

Download beta version of ndMirror here:



List of Improvements

  • Implemented moving of the document from one cabinet to another. See Known Issues.
  • Added the ability to identify whether the user is internal or external to a particular repository.
  • Added replaceable parameter %flexstoreid% Storage Location. Replaced with FlexStore Id.
  • Updated filtering model to enable synchronization of document locations by default.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed processing of deleted document (removed redundant REST call).
  • Fixed filtering to remove CollabSpaces logos from synchronization.
  • Fixed the message that appears after selecting the Save button in the Network Configuration settings if the settings have not been changed.
  • Removed limitation on attachment description and name (column type set to nvarchar(MAX)).
  • Removed limitation on the document, version, and attachment extension (column type set to nvarchar(MAX)).
  • Fixed host validation on the Network Configuration page.


Known Issues

  • If a document is moved to a cabinet that is not synchronized by ndMirror, the document is not removed from the original cabinet.

Breaking Changes

  • Due to the new encryption/decryption mechanism, after upgrading the build 1.6 to 1.7, user credentials will be invalid and will need to be updated (edited) on the NetDocuments Authentication page. This can cause some post-install synchronization tasks to fail with authentication errors, and synced Cabinets could be put on pause and will need to be resumed manually after updating user credentials. If the SMTP settings have been set, the credentials should be updated as well.

For more information, see ndMirror Administration.