How Smartview relates to the End of Support for Internet Explorer - March 11, 2021


Per our previous communication on January 14, 2021, we have announced the end of support for the Internet Explorer (IE) browser and, with it, the end of support for our legacy viewer. We’d like to encourage you again to move your cabinets to SmartView well ahead of March 11th, 2021 (the end of support date for IE). We also want to provide some additional details and clarifications based on customer support requests we've received since that announcement in January.

As stated previously, our legacy viewer will also cease to work on this IE end-of-support date and will be replaced by SmartView. SmartView supports all modern browsers, including Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. SmartView does not work with Internet Explorer, so please make sure that your users are not using IE before you switch your cabinets to SmartView. 

We have already begun moving customers to SmartView. If needed, any customer can switch between the legacy viewer and SmartView in their cabinet(s) until March 11th (see the bottom of this Cabinet Page help article for how to do that). On that date, all remaining customers who have not been switched to SmartView yet will switch to SmartView in all their cabinets at that time and will not be able to switch back to the legacy viewer from that point forward.

Our support team is ready to help you if you need any assistance with this move to SmartView and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the latest technologies to meet you where you work.

NOTE: Some of our locally-installed apps (ndOffice, ndClick, etc.) use an embedded login form for the login dialog which is based on IE. This is independent from using IE as a full browser for our web application. All of our login forms will continue to function as normal with this change.