2021 Web Refreshes



Features, improvements, and issues addressed in 2021 web refreshes:


Description of Changes

On beta servers:
17 Jan 2021


Expected GA Release:
21 Jan 2021


21.1.0 Web Release

New Functionality

  • Login Page SEO: Added additional SEO to the login pages so users can more easily find the login page for their given service region via an internet/Google search. 

Issues Addressed

  • Secure Link Expiration Date: Fixed an issue where no matter what the actual expiration date is of a secure link (document delivery), the expiration date that would be displayed in the email to the user was the default cabinet expiration date. The expiration date shown in the email now matches the expiration date set by the sender of the secure link. 
  • Workspace creation: Fixed an issue creating workspaces as follows. If a workspace attribute (e.g. Matter) has a dependent field (e.g. which either Defaults from or is Determined by the Matter type) but the key in the dependent field's Type column of the lookup table doesn't match any value in the dependent field, that workspace would not be created when the first user attempts to visit it. The workspace in this case is created properly now. 
  • PUT /v1/folder/{id}/parent: Fixed an issue where if a parent folder was attempted to be filed via the API into one of its own subfolders (or somewhere further down the folder branch/ancestry), it would succeed which would then lead to problems later. We now prevent API users from filing a parent folder into any of its ancestral subfolders.

Additional Changes

  • WebDav: Per our previous announcement, WebDav functionality has been retired and removed from NetDocuments.


Released to GA:

09 Jan 2021


20.26.0 Web Release

NOTE: This beta period is a 3-week beta period instead of our normal 2-week beta due to the holidays. 

New Functionality

  • Right-click menu: Added the following options to the right-click menu for the Favorite Documents list view: 
    • Deliver a secure link
    • Edit profile
    • Modify access

Issues Addressed

  • SyntaxError when logging in: Fixed an issue in some environments where an error which says "SyntaxError: Failed to execute 'open' on 'XMLHttpRequest': Invalid URL" would appear after logging in. 
  • Append versions error: Fixed an error when using the Append Versions option on 2 or more documents. 
  • Document report in a Collabspace: Fixed an issue where if an external user requested a document report for a Collabspace, it would not succeed. 
  • Internet Explorer: Fixed an issue with slowness in Internet Explorer. (Build: 20.26.4+)



For 2020 web refresh updates, please see this article: https://support.netdocuments.com/hc/en-us/articles/360038092552 

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