ndMail 1.10 Update Notes


What's New in ndMail 1.10

ndMail 1.10 offers new features to improve productivity and improve your use of ndMail.  

The latest generally available (GA) version can always be downloaded from the ndMail help page and the permalink for this release is: https://apps.netdocuments.com/apps/ndMail/ndMailSetup-1.10.0.zip

NOTE: Folder Mapping changes outlined below require the Folder Mapping version included with ndMail 1.10.0 (Folder Mapping version 1.0.7646). As a reminder, ndMail 1.8.0 and newer versions require .NET 4.8 so you may have to update your device prior to installing ndMail 1.10 if you haven't already. 

Highlighted changes

Additional Improvements

  • We added the ability to file sent emails that go to other folders other than Sent folder (Send&File) via Registry Settings - details can be found here
  • We built the ability to identify if emails were already filed (but not via Send&File)
  • We implemented a solution to support archived emails
  • We optimized scaling so panels are responsive and adjust appropriately when screen sizes change
  • We implemented a process where we don't generate predictions for items that are excluded from filing via Registry Settings
  • We added logs to improve troubleshooting so we can resolve any issues presented quicker
  • We removed checkbox for "Me" from the Access Menu when 'AllowAccessOptionMe' is False
  • We added Registry Settings so that a user can make tracing logging configurable 
  • We added localization for features in 1.10 release
  • We built a script to resolve items previously saved in Conflicts folder
  • We added the ability to disable the Start/Pause button via the existing 'MappingMode' registry key

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Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue where pop-up displayed when a user made calendar event updates
  • Fixed issue where Access panel wouldn't close when user clicks 'Esc' key
  • Fixed issue where predictions weren't generated when user navigated between Drafts 
  • Fixed issue where windows were hidden behind the main Outlook window in some cases
  • Fixed issue where ranking was giving inaccurate explanation in some cases
  • Fixed issue where GFI disappeared after successfully filing in some cases
  • Fixed issue where Send&File emails were put in Conflicts Folder
  • Fixed issue where text was truncated in some cases
  • Fixed issue where dialog boxes, prompts, logos, or pop-ups were not aligning to display scaling settings
  • Fixed issue where user replying to email that was in a different folder (wasn't in their inbox) was notified that email was successfully filed, but filing failed 
  • Fixed issue where delayed send emails were not successfully sent and filed 
  • Fixed issue where Folder Mapping wasn't inheriting default profile attributes if they weren't specified when mapping a folder
  • Fixed issue where Folder Mappings disappeared after Outlook restart in some cases 
  • Fixed issue where meeting invites would be blank in some cases

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New Registry Settings for Send&File

Registry Path:





SendAndFileSearchInAllFoldersEnabled registry


This value determines whether ndMail should search your inbox to find emails that have not been filed via Send&File. When set to False (or doesn't exist) nothing will change. When set to True ndMail will search through all folders of all mailboxes of the current profile to ensure your emails are filed to NetDocuments. This logic will take into account FilingData in the local DB with statuses “Ready” and “ItemNotFoundInSentItemsFolder”.

Note: You may see performance degradation immediately after enabling this as we search for the items, but performance will restore once the job completes.
  • True
  • False


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