NetDocuments Solutions


Over the past several years, NetDocuments has brought a number of new products to market to match the evolving work habits of modern professionals. Today, these diverse products now fit into five solutions designed to support customer-inspired work and increase productivity:

  • ORGANIZE is comprised of the core NetDocuments capabilities including document and email management, and OCR technologies, all best-in-class, cloud-based, legal-specific solutions.
  • PROTECT delivers additional controls and policy tools to reduce data breaches, as well as a geo-aware storage capability that enables better compliance while accelerating content delivery around the world.
  • PLAN is designed to bring teams together with one version of work focused on easy-to-use tools coordinating teams and tasks, provide real-time team communication with ndThread and Microsoft Teams integration, and facilitate task management across matters and projects.
  • DELIVER helps safely organize, package, and share content with clients, customers, outside counsel, and other third parties using built-in extranet and document bundling tools.
  • LEARN provides insights about user activity, understanding of documents, and includes enterprise search-driven knowledge management insights.

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Reach new levels of productivity and collaboration with industry-leading document management, email management, and optical character recognition (OCR) solutions built specifically for legal professionals.


Use the leading cloud-based document management platform for legal professionals to create, edit, store, locate, and collaborate. See:


Use predictive technology to accurately file any email into your NetDocuments system with a single click. See:


Digitize and index content to make all of your document searches faster, smarter, and more efficient. See:


Automate time-consuming manual processes by quickly adding workflows and robotic process automation to your NetDocuments system. See:


Make remote workers more productive with safe, efficient two-way file synchronization between NetDocuments and local computers. See:



Keep all of your sensitive NetDocuments data and documents safe from improper and unauthorized use. See:


Create security policies that enable access controls, ethical walls, and need-to-know security for specific workspaces. See:


Manage and control where your content is stored, so it always stays close to the people who need it. See:


Get the advanced encryption capabilities you need to fulfill compliance obligations and client mandates to protect sensitive information. See:



Use a secure, real-time chat tool to eliminate inbox clutter and reduce the need for email filing. See:


Save time and boost productivity by sharing comments in context without changing the underlying document text. See:


Seamlessly connect NetDocuments to your favorite Microsoft collaboration tools—without compromising governance or security. See:


Manage and collaborate on all of your different projects and workflows smoothly and efficiently. See:



Share and collaborate intuitively, securely, and in a way that brings you and your clients closer together. See:


Quickly organize documents into sets or binders and securely distribute compiled content to everyone who needs it. See:



Save time and boost productivity by enhancing your enterprise search and making it that much easier for users to find the information they need across different document locations. See:


Increase visibility into how users are interacting with documents and information to further enhance the value of the NetDocuments service across your organization. Through valuable insights, you can use this information to guide you in making more informed decisions on how to increase adoption, maximize efficiencies, and shape business outcomes for your firm. See: