ndMail for Office 365 Version 1.4 Update Notes


What's New in ndMail for Office 365 Version 1.4

ndMail for Office 365 1.4 offers you more features and improvements to enhance the user experience.

UI Improvements

Actions Menu 

In the mobile version, swipe left on the predicted location, and the Actions menu appears at the bottom.


New Icons

In the Predictions Panel, the Access icon, the View full path icon, and the See in NetDocuments icon are newly-designed (both web and mobile versions).


Conversation Filing

The conversation filing feature automatically files all items of a conversation after one message in the conversation is filed. This functionality is sometimes referred to as "luggage tags" and the NetDocuments predictive filing approach solves the same problem as legacy luggage tagging. This feature is optional. To enable it, in the upper-right corner of the ndMail predictions panel, select the More Actions icon > Settings, and toggle the Conversation filing option.


If you enable or disable Conversation filing, the changes will be activated after switching to another item.

With Conversation filing enabled, ndMail will automatically pre-select the same NetDocuments location where previous messages in the same conversation were filed. 

Best Practice Note: Conversation filing automatically selects a filing location without any user interaction and, as such, we recommend it for power users or users who are trained on its functionality.

Note: These are draft release notes and may be updated at any time.


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