How to Use Tasks


Create a Task Board

The Tasks tab appears prepopulated with a base Task Board.

To create a new task board, select an arrow next to the task name > Switch to another task board > Add another task board.


Switch to Another Task Board

To access a different task board, select an arrow next to the task name > Switch to another task board, and select the task board you would like to access:


View Tasks

You can view your tasks at the matter or project level and at the individual, user-centric level.

Select an arrow next to the task name > Switch to another task board > My Tasks:


The My Tasks board displays any tasks that have been assigned to you or that you have created:


From here, you can navigate or update an individual task, as well as navigate to any task board related to the tasks. This page also respects the Filters.

Create a New Task List

To create a new task list, select the ellipsis icon next to any task list, and select Add new task list.


Add a New Task

To add a task to the task list, navigate to the bottom of any task list, enter the name of a task, and select Add:


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Edit a Task

To edit a task, select the task card in a task list. A task modal opens where you can:


Add a Description

You can enter a description in the Description box. The Description box also supports @mentions to notify teammates. An @ mentioned user will receive an email notification about the task.

Set Due Date 

You can either type the date manually or choose a day in the calendar.

Provide an Estimate

Estimates are a numerical value acting as an estimate to the work effort.

Add Checklist Item

To add a checklist item, enter the text for the checklist and press Enter.
To mark a checklist item as completed, select the check box. The completed item appears as strikethrough text.


Assign a Task

To assign a task, either choose from the users prepopulated in the drop-down menu or start typing the name(s) of the users to which you want to assign the task. Users will received an email notification once assgined. 


Add or Create User-Generated Tags

To add or create a user-generated tag, under Tags, select the drop-down option, and either add an existing tag or select Manage Tags to add a new tag or edit an existing tag:


Filter Tasks

In the upper-left corner of a task board, select the funnel icon. You can filter tasks by:

  • Task List
  • Assigned to
  • Due date
  • Estimated time
  • Created by
  • Status
  • Tag


Go to Full View

You can expand the task board to its own window for more real estate and a more focused view of your tasks. To expand into full view, in the upper-right corner, select the Full View button.

Search Tasks

Tasks are searchable within their own board.

Enter individual words or terms in the search box next to the magnifying glass icon.