Tasks Update Notes



Release Date

Tasks Update Notes


13 September 2021


  • Added direct task URL to e-mail notification to allow users to navigate directly to a task assgined to them. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where users were unable to paste a link into the task description
  • Fixed a bug where edited comments did not change until page refresh

10 June 2021


  • Added ability to  access My Tasks from the main navigation screen
  • Redesigned the "Add Task board" workflow to allow naming of task board instead of naming it "Default"
  • Added a larger modal on the Tasks screen for better usability
  • Added ability to sort Board Names, Workspace Name, Tasks Name alphabetically

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where user avatars where not appearing correctly
  • Fixed filter behavior where sorting was not sorting properly

28 Jan 2021


  • Added ability to filter by matter/workspace on My Tasks list view
  • Added an Assign Yourself function on Task Cards
  • Added the Create by field on Task Card
  • Redesigned My Tasks list view for a cleaner, more user-friendly UI

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t access My Tasks due to a null property on the board title
  • Fixed issue where Tasks disappeared from My Tasks after completing/archiving
  • Fixed a few UI issues in the Safari browser
  • Implemented performance improvements and additional logging

1 Dec 2020

Tasks 1.1.5 provides features and bug fixes including:

  • Added a User List scroll bar
  • Removed duplicated tooltips on Task List names
  • Fixed a local storage issue resulting in page not found
  • Fixed an issue where avatars sometimes crashed
  • Fixed an issue where the attachment name was not always visible

19 Nov 2020

Manage your work where you work. With Tasks from NetDocuments, you can build customized task lists and checklists within workspaces to track team members’ activities and progress from one convenient location. Below is an overview of the Tasks functionality:

    • Create, assign, and schedule due dates for tasks
    • View tasks at the Matter/Project level and a user-centric My Tasks level across Matters/Projects
    • Receive email notification when you are assigned a task and if you are @ mentioned in a Tasks
    • Link documents to a specific task from a workspace
    • Tasks can be viewed as a Kanban board or a list
    • Tasks can be filtered by assignee, due date, estimated time, created by, status, and user-generated tags.