Browser Extension 1.4


We are pleased to announce the release of our browser extension version 1.4. New features in this release allow users to work with ndClick 1.4 . For more information on the NetDocuments Browser Extension, please see the product page. 

The latest generally available (GA) version can always be downloaded from the Browser Extension product page and it can also be found in the Chrome store. 

Highlighted changes

Authentication Flow

This version of the browser extension includes additional security requiring the user to authenticate prior to using it. This ensures that the authenticated user is tracked properly, especially in multi-user environments (e.g. RDS or Citrix). The Browser Extension now more fully supports multi-user environments and solves many issues encountered in those environments. 

Users will be prompted to authenticate the first time they use the extension but their authentication will be remembered so they don't have to log in repeatedly as long as they are active in the ND web application. 


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Additional supported websites

The NetDocuments Browser Extension allows you to upload content directly from NetDocuments to your commonly-used web sites, including: court filing sites, patent filing sites, web-based email systems, etc. We are pleased to announce that in addition to the existing sites that are supported, we've also fixed an issue with certain websites, such as so that these features are available for those websites also. 

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