ndClick Advanced Authentication


ndClick 1.4 introduces new advanced authentication functionality, ensuring that documents are securely transferred from the web to your computer. ndClick now requires a user to log in before documents can be transferred. 

In ndClick settings, you can check (and change if needed) your service region. 

The authentication workflow is as follows:

  1. A user logs into NetDocuments in the browser and the server supplies an eID to the browser
  2. The browser makes Init call to ndClick
  3. ndClick prompts a user to log in (to obtain an access token)
  4. ndClick takes the eID and makes an API to validate it by comparing the user guid associated with the eID and the user guid used to log into ndClick (ndClick ensures this is a trusted browser)
  5. If the guid matches, ndClick passes back a hash of the user guid + the xt parameter (xt is provided from the eID). (NetDocuments ensures this is the correct ndClick)
  6. If the guid + xt hash match what the browser has stored, then all calls proceed as normal

Below is an illustration of the workflow. You may download it at the bottom of the page for better visibility.