Folder Packs


With the Folder Packs feature, you can set a specific folder structure for multiple workspaces.

When the user creates a new workspace, the Folder Pack is applied automatically with its associated security and profile values set on the Workspace template. Users have a list of pre-defined Folder Packs that they can apply to any workspace that they have rights to.

Manage Folder Packs


To create a Folder Pack:

  1. Go to the Cabinet Administration page, and select Folder Pack.


  1. Select the Create Folder Pack button.
  2. Enter a Folder Pack name, and select Create.

Note: Maximum number of characters is 1000.

  1. Enter a folder name and select Apply.
  2. Select Add folder to create more folders or subfolders.


      • To create a top-level folder, in the Parent Folder, select the Top Level option
      • To create a subfolder, in the Parent Folder, choose an existing folder as a parent
  1. Select Apply to save the Folder Pack.

Edit or Delete

Select a Folder Pack to edit it. Next to the Folder Pack name, select a More Options icon.


  • Duplicate Folder Pack - Create an identical folder pack that can be edited.
  • Rename Folder Pack - Change the Folder Pack name.
  • Delete Folder Pack -Delete a Folder Pack and remove it from Workspace Templates.

Similarly, select any folder to make edits: rename a folder, change the parent folder, or make the folder a top-level one.

You can drag the folders to change their order or hierarchy.

Select the arrow next to the top-level folder to expand or collapse its subfolders.

Apply Folder Packs to Workspace Template

Cabinet Admin applies one or more pre-defined folder packs to the Workspace template so that the Workspace is created with folder packs. 

Important: Changes made to the Folder Pack will apply to the new Workspace. The Workspace administrator can refresh the old workspace so that it receives a new folder structure with the security and profile values that are set in the Workspace template.

To apply Folder Packs to Workspace template:

  1. Go to the Cabinet Administration page, and select Define workspace templates.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and under Documents select Add Folder Pack.


  1. The list of pre-defined Folder Packs appears. Toggle one or more Folder Packs that you want to add and save your changes.

Note: All the top-level folders in the Workspace template must have different names and cannot be duplicated.

New workspaces will have the folder structure with the security and profile values that are set on the Workspace template.

After you added a Folder Pack to the Workspace template, you can also refresh existing workspaces. Then, the Folder Packs with inherited security and profile values will apply to an existing workspace. See Refreshing and Deleting Workspaces