Export Metadata to Microsoft Office Documents


This feature allows customers to export the DocID and DLP settings labels into modern Microsoft Office documents as custom metadata attributes. This functionality applies to OpenOfficeXML format documents, for example .docx, .xlsx and .pptx format.

Adding the metadata to the document happens at download. If you have purchased the PROTECT solution, and are using DLP, then the DLP labels will be exported. If you have the ORGANIZE solution, then only the DocID will be exported.

If you are downloading tens to hundreds of documents simultaneously, you will see no reduction in the download performance. If you are undertaking mass downloads of thousands of documents, you might notice a slowdown in download performance. You may consider turning the functionality off for faster download.

The metadata is added to the Microsoft Office documents as Custom Metadata Attributes which can be manually checked from with the Office application or can be accessed by other applications. For example, a network edge DLP solution can scan for these custom attributes and apply appropriate business logic and rules to provide a holistic end to end DLP solution.

The following information shows how to enable or disable this setting for your repository, provides an example of how the DLP metadata is placed into the MS Office documents.


  1. Turn on or off in the Information and Settings page for the repository


  1. Configure Your DLP policies as required
  2. To test that the export of metadata is taking place, take the following actions on a document that has DLP policies applied to it:
    • Open or download a document
    • Use the File > Info


  • Select the Properties menu drop down


This will display the Metadata Advance Properties Dialogue box, select the Custom Properties tab


We can see that the NetDocuments DocID and the DLP classification and policies have been inserted into the Custom Metadata Properties of the Microsoft Word Document.


We can see that this metadata echoes the settings seen in the Document Information Pane in the web NetDocuments web interface: