SmartView Interface Overview


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With SmartView, you can see the document’s content:


SmartView also has a second toolbar for all image extensions.


With the 2.2.7 release, you can use arrow keys to move through the document list in Preview mode.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to work with the new SmartView panel.


The Toolbar allows you to navigate throughout the document and make adjustments. It appears when you move the pointer.


  • The Sidebar mceclip3.png icon activates a bar on the left that contains Thumbnails, Outline, and Attachments (if your document has them)

Note: Outline appears if you create TOC in your document.

  • First Page and Last Page icons mceclip0.png take you to the beginning or to the end of the document correspondingly
  • Arrows take you up or down for a page mceclip2.png

You can also enter a page number to move to the page. The toolbar indicates the overall number of pages.

  • Plus and Minus icons mceclip3.png zoom in and out correspondingly.
  • The last Toolbar section includes three icons mceclip4.png :
    • Handtool – Browse document and highlight text
    • Search – Perform search in the document
    • More Options – Includes Rotate Clockwise and Rotate Counterclockwise


Define search terms on Smart View (works with search by selecting Everything only)

Users have two ways to perform search:

  • Simple Search 


  • Advanced Search


As a result, you will see highlighted search terms in SmartView and can look through all of them.


Document Details Panel

The Document Details Panel is the panel that appears on the right-hand side of List View pages – folders, search results, Saved Searches, and Recent Documents.


See Document Details Panel for more information.


You can access versions and version history for the icon in the side menu in the SmartView panel:


Version numbers display in two places - in the Details panel and after the document name - as shown below:


With the 2.2.7 release, you can download/check out specific non-official document versions.

See Version Management for more information.