ndMail 1.9 Update Notes


What's New in ndMail 1.9

ndMail 1.9 offers new features to improve productivity and improve your use of ndMail.  

The latest generally available (GA) version can always be downloaded from the ndMail help page and the permalink for this release can be found here: https://apps.netdocuments.com/apps/ndMail/ndMailSetup-1.9.0.zip

NOTES: Folder Mapping changes outlined below require the Folder Mapping version included with ndMail 1.9.0 (Folder Mapping version 1.0.7492). As a reminder, ndMail 1.8.0 and newer versions require .NET 4.8 so you may have to update your device prior to installing ndMail 1.9 if you haven't already. 

Highlighted changes

Pinned Predictions/Locations

To further improve efficiency when filing to certain locations, we now have a feature where you can "pin" a location to the top of your predictions panel. You'll notice a small gray pushpin/thumbtack to the right of each predicted location when hovering over that prediction. If you press it, that prediction will stay at the top of your list. You can have up to 5 pinned locations for each cabinet. Additionally, if you want to hide the pins, you can click/toggle the orange pushpin next to the refresh button on the right side. This will allow standard predictions to fill in your prediction panel until you toggle it back. 



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Foreign language localization for ndMail prediction panel

ndMail 1.9 introduces support for French, German, and Spanish languages for the prediction panel. Folder Mapping localization will come in an upcoming release.

Note: This feature requires ndOffice 2.7. 

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Support for the US-GOV Service

ndMail 1.9 includes support for any customer using our new US Government (US-GOV) Service. As a note, you must also use ndOffice 2.7.2.

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Additional Improvements

  • We've further reduced the time it takes to switch between Outlook folders. The benefit an end-user will see will be dependent on their specific environment as well as software/hardware specifications. 

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Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue using keyboard controls while navigating through predicted locations on the panel. The Up and Down arrow keys now work properly.
  •  Fixed an issue where the prediction panel would continue to spin if the user switched to the calendar view or to Drafts and back very quickly. 
  • Fixed an issue with conversation filing in some cases where the expected filing location would not be selected when the user double-clicked to open the message in the inspector.
  • Fixed an issue when using Send & File where the user would see the GFI disappear if they looked at that sent item in the Sent Items folder immediately after sending/filing it. We now cache the GFI in this case so the user sees it as filed even if it's still in process. 
  • Fixed an issue with AirSync where Folder Mapping would continually prompt the user to map a folder that was not a standard Outlook folder (NOTE: included in Folder Mapping build 1.0.7482 which is included with ndMail 1.9.0)

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