Android App Update Notes




Release Date


1.5 (32.273)

02 July 2020

Improvements and features

  • Support for Germany (DE) Service and US-GOV Service
  • Added support for CollabSpaces
  • Default logout period is now 90 minutes
  • Added DLP check to the following: Email Copy, Download, Offline documents, and open in O365
  • Added support for fingerprint login on Samsung devices
  • Optimized the scope of OAuth when authenticating the app into NetDocuments
  • Added local file encryption for offline documents

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where auto login didn't work in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue with floating actions causing a crash
  • Fixed an issue with AirWatch where AlertView would cause a crash
  • Fixed an issue with App2App sign in
  • Fixed an issue in some environments with uploading documents
  • Fixed an issue where creating or editing a new Word document could crash the app 

1.4.0 (523)

11 March 2019

  • Added support for app-to-app signin, to give a user of the Office mobile apps the option to to use this app for authentication purposes, when adding NetDocuments as a place to the Office mobile apps.
  • Due to the use of new components, Android 7.0 is now the minimum operating system required.

1.3.0 (486-488)

11 December 2018

  • Release of versions of the Android app for MaaS360 and AirWatch
  • Support added for the kMDM_APP_FEDERATED_IDENTITY setting
  • Support added for the ACAUTOLOGIN_ENABLED = 2 value for the kMDM_APP_AUTO_LOGIN_POLICY setting.
  • Annotations will be rendered when viewing a PDF document.
  • Fixed several bugs

1.2 (65.444)

25 April 2018

  • Fixed several bugs

1.2 (63.433)

12 February 2018

  • Integration with Office365 mobile apps (similar to the integration that already exists for the NetDocuments iOS app)

1.1.0 (59.422)

8 December 2017

  • Clicking on a link to NetDocuments content in another app will be opened in the Android app.
  • Support for fingerprint authentication as an alternative to the passcode.
  • Email attachments can be viewed.
  • Documents can be previewed when there is no internet connection.
  • Supports AppConfig (EMM) control and settings.  For more details.


24 July 2017

  • Initial release
  • Allows users to navigate through cabinets, workspaces, and folders
  • Allows users to view document content and metadata

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