ndMail for Office 365 1.2 Update Notes


What's New in ndMail for Office 365 1.2

ndMail for Office 365 1.2 release offers you more features and improvements to enhance user experience. Check out newly-added options and fixes below.

Highlighted changes

Exchange On-Prem 2016+ Support

With ndMail for Office 365 version 1.2, you can now install the add-in on an Exchange 2016 or newer environment, as long as your environment meets other Microsoft criteria for supporting Office Add-ins built with the Office Add-in Platform. The process for installing it is the same as with Exchange Online except for the URL you use to access your Exchange admin console will be specific to your Exchange server. 

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The About Option

View the version you're currently using by selecting the button.png button > About


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Retain the Filing Progress 

Previously, if you selected File and switched to another item, then after coming back, you didn't see an indicator of whether the filing was in progress. With this release, after selecting File, the Submitted message appears and is preserved when you switch between items.


Note: This feature only works in the web version when the add-in is pinned pinned.png. Additionally, the feature is supported by Exchange Online but unavailable for Exchange Server 16.

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Improved Predicted Locations

  • Previously, if you moved to another item with filing in progress, the selected filing locations were lost until filing was finished.

With this release, you can navigate among items with filing in progress, and selected filing locations will remain visible until filing is finished. If filing fails, the checkmark is cleared. 

  • After you file the item(s) to the location, ndMail disables the location so that the check box cannot be cleared. The File button remains available, so you can rename items or change access.

If you select the disabled location, a message appears: Please go to the web to unfile/delete.



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Go to Location in ND

The Go to Location in ND option appears when you right-click any location in predictions pane. This option launches a new window/tab and navigates you to the corresponding location (folder, filter, or workspace) in NetDocuments. 

Note: This feature only works in the web version.

Support for German Data Center

ndMail for Office 365 1.2 supports the German data center (DE).

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Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the predictions panel displayed incorrect locations if you navigated quickly among items.
  • Fixed an issue where federated identity login didn't work in certain environments.
  • Fixed an issue where previous search results appeared for the selected item if you navigated among items with a predictive search in progress.
  • Fixed an issue where part of add-in appeared black on Android 10 dark mode.