NetDocuments iOS App v2.6.1 is Now in Beta


Announcing iOS App v2.6.1 Beta 2 Availability

Update February 27, 2020: Beta 2 of v2.6.1 (build 4591) is now available for testing. The new build includes two small bug fixes:

  • When attempting to change the method by which the Go to Workspace search works, the app would crash.
  • When attempting to copy a document from another app to NetDocuments, the user would not be presented with a location in NetDocuments to save the document.

NetDocuments version 2.6.0 (4581) Beta 1 is available and ready for testing via TestFlight.  This includes both the regular and EMM versions of the iOS app.  

To be added to the beta list, please email and indicate whether you would like access to the EMM version, the regular version or both.  (If you are already a member of the beta list, there is no need to email.)  Please provide any feedback you have to


The new build includes a bug fix for all versions of the app and an enhancement for the EMM version of the app.

The bug affected iPhones only.  When a user navigated to a container page and attempted to upload a file from their device, the dialog for selecting files would not to be displayed.  That has been fixed.

The Offline Feature Can be Disabled (EMM Only)

The new feature is available only for the EMM version of the app:  the ability to take content offline can be disabled.  By default, the Offline feature will remain available.  However, an administrator can choose to disable the Offline feature from the firm's MDM console by adding this setting:


The available values are:

  • OFFLINE_AUTHORIZED = 1 (default)

Setting the value to 0 (unauthorized) will apply these changes to affected devices:

  • The "OFFLINE" tab will be shown as disabled and cannot be accessed:
  • Any content previously taken offline will be removed from the device locally
  • Any "Offline" actions will no longer be displayed.