ndMirror 1.5 - January 2020


We are pleased to announce that ndMirror is available for download.

ndMirror Administration

New Functionality

  • Ability to sync only FlexStore documents content.
  • Audit log for user actions at Web Administrative Dashboard.
    • Activated by "EnableAuditLogs" key set to "true" within "appSettings" section of "NetDocuments.LDService.SyncService.exe.config" file


  • Cabinets list in the navigation panel at Web Administrative Dashboard now supports vertical scroll.
  • Ability to turn off logs retention.
  • Configurable database timeouts.
  • Improved SQL Azure support.

Resolved issues

  • Synchronization. ndMirror could stop sync if server communication issues occurred.
  • Synchronization. ndMirror wouldn't sync document if it was filed into the same location multiple times.
  • OCR. ndMirror wouldn't download OCR'ed documents if modification date was persisted.
  • Logs retention. Clean up process could fail due to database timeout.
  • Cabinet deletion. The process could fail due to database timeout.
  • Help. Link was broken.

Download ndMirror here: