2020 ndMail Server Refreshes



Improvements and fixes in 2020 refreshes:

Week ending

Description of changes

17 January 2020

Improvements and Features

  • Optimized the GFI process to improve scalability as users ramp up use of ndMail 1.6. 

10 January 2020

Improvements and Features

  • If a user files a message with conversation filing and sets the security to just Me then that location will only be remembered for that conversation for that one user and not other users. 
  • Improved handling of duplicate filing requests such that if a message is filed, we cache the message ID and information about that message for 60 seconds so we can detect any subsequent (duplicate) filing requests and delay them for 60 seconds. This delay allows for the first message to be indexed before the second copy is tried so we can perform a complete deduplication check. 

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