ndOffice 2.7 Beta available 17 March 2020


We are pleased to announce the start of the ndOffice 2.7 beta period. With significant new features, ndOffice 2.7 presents a vast improvement in our desktop suite of products. The official release of ndOffice 2.7 is scheduled for April 2020. 

The Beta period is specifically designed to determine if there are any problems that exist in the product. We are particularly interested in beta test sites that will exercise the full ndOffice functionality and report back on issues that may exist in different environments. Additionally, it provides beta sites the opportunity to become familiar with the changes before the official release.

If you are interested in participating in the ndOffice 2.7 beta, please click here.

A brief list of changes to ndOffice 2.7 is below; for a full description of new functionality please click here.

New features:

  • Modify Access available from Save dialog and Activity Center
  • Details Pane available in ndOpen dialog
  • Support for German, French and Spanish languages 
  • Quick list of recent documents when attaching to an email 

Product Improvements:

  • Cabinet Inbox limited to Cabinet Administrators
  • Prompt on document save if document has missing required profile data
  • Support of Fast Web View optimizations when saving PDF documents with Adobe
  • Prohibit uploading of zero-byte files
  • Leave Office open when converting files to PDF
  • Ability to disable warning about documents left checked out now can be disabled
  • Warning if the version attached to an email is not the latest
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