2020 Web Refreshes



Issues addressed in 2020 web refreshes:

Currently on
Beta Servers

Planned Release:
30 Jan 2020

Enhanced Functionality

  • CollabSpaces: Internal users can now view Recent Activity to determine when a CollabSpace and its content were last accessed or updated 
  • CollabSpaces: Cabinet Admins can now control whether the Cabinet Default Access list is added to new CollabSpaces by default

Issues Addressed

  • Edit Profile: Resolved issue where an error message could be displayed when editing a workspace profile
  • Follow: Resolved issue where a follow alert was not triggered when a followed document was edited in Office Online

Administrative Enhancements

  • Document History and Consolidated Activity Logs: Previewing a document with SmartView will no longer be counted towards the download warning threshold nor treated as a download in the Consolidated Activity Log or document history
  • CollabSpaces: A Cabinet Administrator will now be prompted to fix an invalid value in the CollabSpace internal group field when saving the Cabinet Administration page
16 Jan 2020

Enhanced Functionality

  • CollabSpaces:  Newly created cabinet external groups in CollabSpace-enabled cabinets may optionally be associated with a top-level workspace attribute value (for most customer, this would be the "Client" attribute)
  • Cover Sheet: Cover Sheet now contains the descriptions for all profile attributes associated with the document or container
  • Favorite Workspaces:  When an external user is given access to a workspace, the workspace will be added to the user's Favorite Workspaces instead of to their Favorite Items

Issues Addressed

  • CollabSpaces:  Resolved issue where a new document created in a CollabSpace could create a second version automatically
  • Groups:  Resolved issue that affected groups with hidden membership
  • Saved Search: Resolved issue where a list of document IDs could not be saved as a Saved Search

Administrative Issues Addressed

  • Closed Matters: Resolved issue where setting a closed date in the future would close the matter immediately

NOTE: API changes can be found in the following Knowledgebase article: 2020 API Changes

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