Folder Mapping Troubleshooting - Unable to Map a Folder in a Shared Mailbox



You set up a shared mailbox and are attempting to map a folder in the shared mailbox. 

Error: Settings Not Available - ndMail

There are no blank delegate mapping files for use at this time.



The shared mailbox does not have any settings file that ndMail folder mapping can use to save mappings of the delegate users.

Most likely, the shared mailbox does not have an Outlook profile. 



  1. Install ndMail Folder mapping and ndOffice.
  2. Log into ndOffice. (Not necessary for the shared mailbox to have the NetDocuments licenses, any valid user of the organization can log in.)
  3. Create a new Outlook profile for the shared mailbox. The shared mailbox should be linked as a normal email account in the Outlook profile and it should be set as the default account.
  4. Open the newly created Outlook profile. Wait a few minutes for exchange synchronization to complete. 
  5. Restart Outlook and log into that same newly created Outlook profile. (Now ndMail folder mapping will create the Settings file in the shared mailbox account)
  6. Under Send/Receive, select Update Folder to manually sync Outlook.


  1. Close Outlook.

You can now log back into your original Outlook account profile. Wait for few minutes for exchange synchronization to complete (so that the newly created Settings file can sync across the connected shared mailbox). After this is done, try to map the folder in the shared mailbox.