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Urgent Action Item:

On December 5th, 2019, any user that does not have the updated version of the ActiveX will not be able to use the NetDocuments Service with the Internet Explorer browser.

What is ActiveX?

Browser plugins add functionality to browser-based applications beyond what is possible with the browser alone.  ActiveX controls are a type of browser plugin that works with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser.

How NetDocuments Uses ActiveX

NetDocuments uses ActiveX controls to enhance how Internet Explorer interacts with the NetDocuments Service.   For example, if a user uses Internet Explorer to download a Word document from the NetDocuments Service, the ActiveX controls let the browser recognize the downloading file as a Word document and automatically launch the Word application to receive the document.  When the user is finished with the document and clicks to upload the file, the browser uses the ActiveX control to automatically return the document to the Service where it is securely saved.

Maintaining ActiveX Security

NetDocuments has designed its ActiveX controls to expire after a designated period of time.  This protects a firm’s data in case one of the controls is compromised. Required renewal ensures obsolete versions of NetDocuments’ Active X controls do not remain active on a user’s computer indefinitely but are required to be replaced regularly with an updated, validated set of ActiveX controls.

You can see your currently installed version of ActiveX in the Internet Explorer add-in list.


The current version numbers of the ActiveX component


NetDocuments Cryptography Module:


The updated version numbers of the ActiveX component


NetDocuments Cryptography Module:


When this change takes place

The installation files for the new ActiveX update are available now.

Any NetDocuments user that utilizes IE will need to have the new ActiveX downloaded before December 5th, 2019. A prompt to download the new version will appear after that date.  On December 10th, 2019, the old ActiveX controller will no longer be able to access the service.

The Future of ActiveX in NetDocuments

NetDocuments has developed a separate plugin for other browsers, called ndClick, which gives those browsers many of the same capabilities as Internet Explorer has with ActiveX.  NetDocuments is actively working on expanding ndClick to include more of the functionality of the ActiveX controls. The ndClick functionality will eventually surpass the ability of the ActiveX controls.  As this happens, the ActiveX control will be eventually phased out. Please be aware of the End of Life announcement for NetDocuments’ support of Internet Explorer.  You can find more information about ndClick on its respective knowledge base article here.

If you do nothing

The existing (pre-update) ActiveX control will cease to function on December 5th, 2019. At that time, users will be prompted to download the new version.

On December 10th, users on Internet Explorer will no longer be able to access the service.

Links to the new ActiveX controller

The new version of the ActiveX control can be found via these links:

For the US datacenter: https://vault.netvoyage.com/neWeb2/apps/newebcl.msi
For the EU datacenter: https://eu.netdocuments.com/neWeb2/apps/newebcl.msi
For the AU datacenter: https://au.netdocuments.com/neWeb2/apps/newebcl.msi

Further Action:

Review the “ActiveX Update Guide” documentation here.

NetDocuments recommends using ndClick application instead of ActiveX for better performance and functionality. See ndClick.


**Installer note: After installing the new Active X controller you may, under certain conditions, be able to see the old version still installed via the Apps and Features menu in windows. This does not impact the Service or any function and can be manually uninstalled without issue.


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