Profile Attributes Page


The Profile Attributes page is used to create, edit, re-order, and delete profile attributes found within the repository.

To access the Profile Attributes page, select your name in the upper-right corner > Admin > Profile Attributes. View Profile Attribute Id, Name, Parent, Lookup table availability, Type (Text/Numeric/Date/Notes), and Dynamic attribute availability.


  • Id – Profile attribute ID
  • Name - Profile attribute name
  • Parent – Profile attribute parent in a parent-child attribute relationship
  • Lookup – A check mark indicates that the attribute has a lookup table (see Lookup Tables)
  • Type – Profile attribute can be a text, numeric, date, or notes type
  • Dynamic - A check mark indicates that the attribute is dynamic

Create a New Profile Attribute

To create a new profile attribute, select the Create Attribute button.


Then, the Profile Attribute Definition dialog box appears. Complete the boxes to finish creating the profile attribute. For more information, see Profile Attributes Definition.

Edit a Profile Attribute

To edit an existing profile attribute or an existing entry in the lookup table for that attribute, select the desired attribute, and the Edit Profile Table page opens.

Download Table

The mceclip2.png icon indicates whether the lookup table for the profile attribute is available. To download the lookup table, under Lookup, hover over the desired attribute, and select the Download table mceclip3.png icon. The table will download as a .csv file.

Re-Order Profile Attributes

To change the order of profile attributes, hover over the profile attribute name, and then drag the row to the desired location. Select Save.


Delete a Profile Attribute

To delete an existing profile attribute, hover over the desired attribute and select the Delete attribute mceclip5.png icon . To confirm deletion of the attribute, enter DELETE into the Delete Profile Attribute dialog box.


Note: If the attribute is linked to another profile attribute, you must unlink the attribute before you can delete it.

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