Error when inserting links in Outlook using ndOffice Attach button

    • OS: Any
    • Product: ndOffice
    • Office Version: Any


When inserting a link into an email via the Outlook Attach button, an error occurs:
An internal error occurred. Please try again. If this problem persists please contact support. 


When expanding details the following appears:

Application: NetDocuments.Client.OutlookAddIn.vsto|vstolocalr
Date: (Date you generated the error here.)
The operation failed.

at Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook._Inspector.get_WordEditor()
at NetDocuments.Client.OutlookAddIn.OutlookAddIn.InsertLink(InsertAttachmentModel model, IAttachmentsContainer attachmentsContainer)
at NetDocuments.Client.OutlookAddIn.OutlookAddIn.AttachDocumentsOrLinks(IAttachmentsContainer attachmentsContainer)
at NetDocuments.Client.OutlookAddIn.Ribbon.<>c__DisplayClass96_0.<OnButtonAttachFileFromNdClick>b__0()
at NetDocuments.Client.Common.Infrastructure.ExceptionLogger.Process(Action action, Action onException)


Microsoft VBA add-in for Outlook has been removed from Outlook COM Add-ins.
ndOffice has a dependency on this add-in for this feature to work. 

The add-in must be restored and enabled in Outlook.

  1. Select File>Options>Add-ins.
  2. Next to Manage COM Add-ins, select Go.
  3. Ensure that the Microsoft VBA for Outlook check box is selected. 

Note: The load behavior by default is Load on Demand. This means it will be loaded when you use the feature.
This add-in disappears from the list until Outlook is restarted when used successfully. 

If you do not have this add-in listed in COM Add-ins, you can run the attached registry key to restore the add-in in most cases. However, this article is general and you might need to contact support if you have issues. We expect users without administration rights not to be able to do this so please reach your IT Administrator and provide this article. 

The steps below are for advanced users with administration rights only. Otherwise, do not apply registry updates.

  1. Download Microsoft VBA for Outlook.reg.
  2. Agree to Run the file. 
  3. Agree to UAC prompt to run registry editor if it appears.
  4. A warning appears asking you to continue, select Yes.


  1. Restart Outlook and check for the add-in as described here.
  2. If the add-in is loaded, test inserting links. 

This .reg file will load the following settings to 

You can use other load behaviors as defined here by Microsoft