Word Add-in won't stay enabled


There is an issue regarding the Microsoft Word Add-in that caused it to stay disabled. The only reliable fix was to perform a full online repair of Office, but then the issue tended to come back. We have found the root cause of this, which was a Microsoft update coming from the Microsoft Store. 

The automatic updates were removing permissions to crucial Microsoft Office Assemblies which ndOffice needed to run the Word Add-in. We have at this time passed on all the information we had to Microsoft so they can work on their side, however, there are items that need to be addressed to re-enable the Word Add-in permanently. 

Turn off Store automatic updates:

  • Click on the windows icon and type in "store" and select the option of "Microsoft Store" 
  • In the top right, click on the ellipses and choose "Settings"
  • The top option is "Update apps automatically". Turn this off


You can push this out firm-wide using GPO and updating a registry key. 


The last step is to fix the add-in, now that we have disabled the updates that will break it again. 

Do a full Online Repair of Microsoft Office to put the assemblies all back to normal. 

After this, the Add-in should load just fine and with the updates disabled the issue shouldn't come back.