Security Center



Security Center contains key security, governance, and compliance solutions available in the NetDocuments platform. Repository Administrators access Security Center in the Admin Console.



Security Center contains the following options.

Note: Some of the options require purchasing an add-in service. If you do not have a particular add-in service, that option will be greyed out in your Security Center.

  • Trust Services: Due Diligence Response Package - The Trust Services document lists the information that NetDocuments makes available to its customers summarizing and validating the technical and operational measures. NetDocuments has in place to protect the security, privacy, and integrity of the documents that customers entrust to the NetDocuments Service. This information applies to all three service regions. 
  • Encryption Key Management (Add-in Service) - For more information, visit the Encryption Key Management support page.
  • FlexStore: Data Residency (Add-in Service) - For more information, visit the ndFlexStore support page.

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