ndThread Support for Granular Notification Settings


On July 24, 2019, NetDocuments announces the latest update to ndThread.  

The latest update significantly enhances a user's ability to manage how and when they are made aware of new activity in ndThread:

  • A user can now mute both types of ndThread awareness:  push notifications and unread indicators. (However, unread indicators for @mentions and direct messages cannot be suppressed.)  When muting is applied, a user can configure only how push notifications will work for @mentions (and direct messages at the user-account level).  Conversation preference settings are not relevant when muting is applied.
  • A user can configure awareness preferences at the workspace and thread levels, not only at the user-account level. This allows a user to set their account-wide default awareness preferences, but then override those settings for particular workspaces (in which case those preferences will apply by default to every thread in those workspaces) and for individual threads.

For information on other changes in the latest update, see the ndThread Update Notes page.