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SetBuilder is an add-in feature to NetDocuments that streamlines the process of gathering and organizing a Set of documents. After you create a Set, it will combine all the documents into a single PDF file, ready for digital distribution. 

Follow this page to be aware of upcoming SetBuilder updates.

Release Date Notes
04 Mar 2020
  • Added the ability to select and copy multiple existing documents from the same workspace into a Set.  After the selected documents have been copied, the user will be given the opportunity to select additional documents to copy.
  • When a Set is deleted, the user will be given the option to delete all of the documents referenced in the Set or to simply delete the Set index but leave its documents intact.
  • When new documents are added to a Set, those documents will also be added to the user's Recent Documents list.
  • The information shown when another user is viewing or editing a Set at the same time has been tweaked.
  • Fixed a bug that permitted a Set with the same name as another Set in the same workspace to be created.
  • Fixed a bug where a user could not clone a Set that referenced a document the user did not have access to.
17 Jan 2020
  • The content of Saved Searches and CollabSpaces can now be accessed from the Copy a Document dialog
  • Tweaked the language in several confirmation dialogs
  • Fixed an issue related to deleting multiple child items
  • Fixed an issue related to deleting a Set
26 Dec 2019
  • A Set can be cloned to another workspace. Note that the Sets tab must first be enabled in the other workspace. If the Sets tab has not enabled there, the user will be asked to enable it.
  • When content (folders and/or documents) is added from the user's computer, the content will be added folders first, then documents, and within each grouping the contents will be added in alphabetical order.
  • When a zero-byte file is added from the user's computer and it is automatically turned into a placeholder, the message has been changed to say: "Empty document replaced with placeholder".
  • Fixed a bug to allow new sets to be created when a user has view-only rights to the workspace.
  • Fixed a bug related to the mis-numbering of documents when adding zero-byte files.
25 Nov 2019
  • If any issues are encountered with specific Set documents while generating a binder, the documents at issue will be identified (along with the type of issue) but the binder will still be generated.  In the generated binder, each of the documents at issue will be replaced with a placeholder.
  • Additional vertical space on the Set page has been gained by putting the following elements on the same horizontal line:  the "<Back" button, the Set name (and menu), the update date/audit trail information, and the status indicator.
  • Any eyeball will appear next to the name of a Set if another user is viewing the same Set at the same time.
  • Any blank (zero-byte) documents added to a Set from the user's computer will be replaced with placeholders.


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