NetDocuments iOS App 2.5.2 Release



NetDocuments announces the release of version 2.5.2 of the NetDocuments iOS mobile app on July 29, 2019. 

v2.5.2 is composed primarily of bug fixes and backend enhancements.  v2.5.2 also contains two key user-facing changes:

  1. When a document has been checked out, a new "Reset to Checked in" action will be available in the "Actions" section of the document’s menu to allow the user to check in the document.  The user must still have sufficient rights to check in the document.
  2. If the app has been configured to require a passcode, after the passcode has been entered it does not need be entered again until:  the app has been closed; the user's login session has timed out (or the user has logged out manually); the device has been locked; or the device has been powered off.  Navigating to other apps and returning to the app will not require the passcode to be re-entered.  This makes it easier for a user to edit a NetDocuments document in another app and then return to the ND app to access more content.

These other user-facing changes are included:

  • If a user enters the wrong passcode 6 consecutive times, any content taken offline will be removed (in addition to the user being logged out).
  • Any type of file can be uploaded from the Gallery, not just pictures.
  • The workspace lookup feature, to find a matter, now includes closed matters.

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