Failure to load ndOffice on new or newly re-imaged computers


We have received a few reports that ndOffice fails to load in Microsoft Office applications when using new or newly re-imaged computers using the pre-installed versions Microsoft Office (O365). The add-in appears to load in the application startup window but does not function. The registry shows proper load behavior for the add-in, but the add-in fails to work normally. The error manifests as a VSTO error when the VSTO error suppression is turned off. 

After extensive investigation, we believe this issue is caused by a particular set of Microsoft builds that are no longer being imaged to new machines. Customers experiencing this issue should run the Microsoft Office full online repair on the affected machines. This should resolve the issue.

It has been reported that the issue can possibly return a few days later. If that happens, repair the machine again, then remove it from the network and domain temporarily to determine the source of the reversion. If the issue reappears while not connected to the network and domain, contact NetDocuments support for collection of the relevant details. If the issue reappears after re-connecting it to the network and domain, identify and disable the environmental settings update causing the reversion. Kindly report any finding regarding this issue to the NetDocuments support team for further investigation.