ndClick 1.2 Update Notes


What's new in ndClick 1.2

The following features and enhancements are included in ndClick 1.2 for Windows:

New Functionality


Desktop Email Integration

ndClick 1.2 now reads the registry setting found here:




String Value useMapi
Value data True/False
What it does

This setting enables Desktop Email Integration when using the Email Copy and Deliver Secure Link functionality in NetDocuments.

When a user logs in to NetDocuments, the check box found in Settings > Application Settings is set based on the value found in the registry setting. User changes to this setting are written to the registry.


Echo Location and Retention

ndClick 1.2 now reads the registry settings found here:




String Value EchoingFolderPath
Value data File system location
What it does

This setting identifies the location for working with documents downloaded from NetDocuments.

String Value EchoRetention
Value data Integer >0 
What it does This setting specifies the number of days documents are stored in the Echo folder before deletion. 

The information found in Settings > Workstation is updated based on the values found in the registry setting above.


Attachment Naming

ndClick 1.2 now applies the naming pattern found in Cabinet Administration > Outgoing Email to create the Subject line and Attachment Name on documents emailed from NetDocuments.




The following enhancement is planned for the next release of ndClick:

  • Multi-user environments: Support for use on Citrix, RDS, VMware, etc.


Download Instructions

Download ndClick using the following links:

ndClick 1.2 for Windows

ndClick 1.1 for Mac