NetDocuments Browser Extension


The NetDocuments Chrome Extension simplifies the process of uploading documents from NetDocuments to other websites. The Chrome extension works in conjunction with ndOffice and ndClick.

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How to Use the NetDocuments Chrome Extension

Log in into NetDocuments

To log in into NetDocuments Browser Extensions, select the Log in button.


Then, enter your credentials and get started with the extension.

To log out, select the Log out Log_out.svgicon.


Connect Websites to NetDocuments

The NetDocuments Chrome Extension allows you to upload documents directly from NetDocuments to other websites. But firstly, you need to specify the website(s) that you wish to connect to NetDocuments.

To identify the websites you want to connect to, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to a website you want to connect to NetDocuments.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the Google Chrome browser, select the ExtensionsExtensions_icon.pngicon, and then select NetDocuments.
  3. In a dialog box, you will see if the website is connected to NetDocuments or not.
  4. Select Connect Site to NetDocuments if the website is not connected.NdClick_connected.png

NOTE: If ndClick is not connected, you will see the following notification:


Upload Documents from NetDocuments to Connected Sites

After a website is connected to NetDocuments, use the website as normal. When you use the website’s file upload capability (usually accessed by clicking [Upload] or [Browse] from the website), the ndOpen dialog will appear, allowing you to select files from NetDocuments:


You can then navigate to the desired location and select a document. Click Open to upload the document in the format it currently exists in NetDocuments.

  • You may convert the document to PDF format by checking the box next to Convert to PDF.
  • You may save the newly-created PDF as a new version of the existing document by checking the box next to Save exported document as a new version.

Manage Connected Sites

The Manage Websites page displays all websites that have been connected with the NetDocuments Chrome Extension, whether they are currently connected or not.

To manage the sites that you have connected to NetDocuments:

  1. In the upper-right corner of the Google Chrome browser, select the ExtensionsExtensions_icon.pngicon, and then select NetDocuments.
  2. Select the Manage Sites i-browser-sites.svg icon to view the list of connected websites, disconnect, or delete one or more of them.


This will display the Manage Websites page:


Manage Websites contains the following functionality:

  1. Search: Type text into the Search box to locate a website in the list.
  2. Sort: Selecting the arrows will sort the selected column in ascending or descending order.
  3. Link/Unlink: Connected websites will be disconnected, and disconnected websites will be connected. This allows you to reconnect to previously connected websites without first navigating to the website.
  4. Delete: This option will remove the website from the list, and you will need to go to the website to reconnect it.

ndClick Color Indicator

There are three color indicators: red, orange, blue, and gray. They increase your understanding of whether you are logged in to the Chrome extensions or not and give you a hint in case of any problem.

They mean the following:

  • Red red_indicator_1.pnglogin failed: either ndClick is not running or the same user is not found.
  • Orange yellow_1.pngyou are logged in to the Chrome extension but the ndClick with your username is not found.
  • Blue blue_indicator.png—ndClick connected: you have logged in to the Chrome extension and the ndClick with your username was successfully found.
  • Gray Gray.png—open ndClick and log in to get started.

To see the color indicator of ndClick, in the upper-right corner of the screen, select the ExtensionsExtensions_icon.pngicon, and then you can see the status of ndClick.


Change Host

Before you log in, you can change the host:


You will be redirected to the dialog where you can select such options from the dropdown menu:


NOTE: You can also change the host via the Options button when you are already logged in to the NetDocuments extension.