ndMail 1.5 Update Notes


What's New in ndMail 1.5

ndMail 1.5 continues streamlining your email management. Version 1.5 reflects a change in our ndMail development process to move to smaller, less-impactful, and more frequent releases approximately every few months. We recommend updating to the latest release to make the most of all the features. As a reminder, you can always download the latest version via the download link on the ndMail page. You also can select the Check for Updates link in the ndMail Settings dialog box. 

This release includes the improvements and fixes summarized below.

Highlighted Сhanges

Closing the Inspector Window Activates One-Click Filing

With one-click filing enabled, you can now open an Inspector window (the window in which an Outlook item is displayed), select the filing location, and then close the window to file an item. Before this release, closing the window did not submit the filing request. 

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Reduced Load Time of Email Body

We have optimized the load time when viewing an email in the Reading Pane or in the Inspector window.

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UI Adjustments

Various UI elements have been updated and typos have been corrected in all ndMail dialog boxes to standardize wording and enhance clarity.

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Fixed an Issue when Opening .msg Files for the Second Time

Note: This feature requires Folder Mapping version 1.0.7081, which is packaged with ndMail 1.5.

When you open an .msg file from NetDocuments or from your desktop for the second time, ndMail previously prompted you with a message saying the item had changed. This prompt has been removed. 

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Additional Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where drafts could hang if there were many recipients. 
  • Fixed an issue where you could not unlink an Outlook folder if that folder had been deleted.

Note: This fix requires Folder Mapping version 1.0.7081, which is packaged with ndMail 1.5.

  • Fixed an issue where predictions would not refresh automatically in some cases when drafting a message. 
  • Fixed an issue where Outlook could crash after opening if a shared folder had been deleted without updating the user's Outlook profile. 
  • Fixed an issue when using inline replies/forwards where the selected location stayed selected on the predictions panel even after the draft was discarded. 
  • Fixed an issue when predictions required a manual refresh if there were two drafts with the same subject line.

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New Registry Settings for ndMail

Registry Path:




Note: Settings on administration level prevail over user level settings.

ExplorerPanelHeight registry


Defines the initial size of the Predictions Panel:

  • height (if the panel is at the top/bottom)


  • width (if the panel is vertical on the right/left of the Reading Pane)  

Integer values between 130 and 460.

The value is in pixels.