Create a Cover Sheet Template


This option allows Cabinet Administrators to add additional information to the document cover sheet.

By default, the cover sheet includes the document location and a barcode.

You, as a Cabinet Administrator, can add information (for example, routing information) to the bottom of the cover sheet template to make it more convenient to the users.

To add the information to the cover sheet template:

  1. Select your name in the upper-right corner.
  2. Go to Admin, and select the cabinet name.
  3. Go to the Cover Sheet section.


  1. In the field, enter formatted HTML you want to include in the document cover sheet. You can add up to 32 000 characters. All special symbols are transformed into code that might use more characters ( for example, 1 symbol © = 5 code numbers © ). See also Tags Allowed by Default, Attributes Allowed by Default.

Note: The information entered into the box is added to the existing cover sheet data.

  1. Select Preview cover sheet to review the sample. 
  2. You can also select Download to save the HTML to a file.

Note: We strongly recommend you use the Download option and save the configured cover sheet to NetDocuments or locally as a backup copy.

  1. At the bottom of the page, select Submit to save your changes.

Tip: If you include routing information, users receive a to-do list and can put marks on the printed cover sheet. It is helpful during scanning documents.

Tags Allowed by Default


Attributes Allowed by Default


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