End of Life - Gmail Integration (Chrome Extension)


Last year, Google announced a push toward "Gmail Add Ons" while at the same time making significant changes to their legacy API methods and policies. NetDocuments' legacy Gmail integration uses Google's old API technology and, therefore, would be subject to the new Google policies related to these APIs. As a result, for many customers, the Chrome Extension has not been usable since those changes were implemented.

After considerable evaluation, NetDocuments has determined that support for the existing Chrome extension using the deprecated model is not feasible and cannot be maintained. As a result, NetDocuments will end support for the Gmail Chrome Extension effective immediately.

NetDocuments is investigating the Gmail Add Ons technology to develop a modern, supported approach to handling email between Gmail and NetDocuments.

We appreciate your continued use of NetDocuments. If you have any questions about this announcement, please contact NetDocuments Technical Support.