Lock a Document


This option allows you to lock a document and all its versions.

The Locked status in NetDocuments and the locked.jpg icon in ndOffice indicate that a document is locked.


A Document with the Locked status

Important: Locking a document is different from locking a version. With a locked version, you still can add other versions and edit them. With a locked document, you lock all the versions and prohibit other users to change anything.

Only internal users can lock a document.

Lock a document in NetDocuments

  1. Right-click the document and select Lock document.

Note: To enable this option, right-click the document, select Customize menu, and add Lock/Unlock documents to the Selected options list.

  1. Alternatively, select the document, and then select More > Lock document.
  2. Add a comment if needed, and then select Lock.


Lock Document dialog box

Note: You cannot lock a document if it is checked out. You also cannot lock multiple documents at a time.

To unlock a document, select More > Unlock document.

Note: Only Cabinet Administrators can unlock the document.

Lock a document in the ndOffice Open dialog box

  1. Right-click the document and select Lock document.
  2. You can add a comment, and then select Lock.

To unlock a document, right-click it, select Unlock document and confirm your action.

Cabinet Administrators can disable document locking for the users. On the Cabinet Administration page, go to Other>Allow VESA users to lock documents.  

Below is a full list of features that locked documents disable:

  • All information
  • Add version 
  • Attach to and delete from document attachments
  • Check in 
  • Check in as a new version 
  • Check out 
  • Check out as a new version 
  • Delete (document/version)
  • Edit profile 
  • File/Unfile 
  • Lock version 
  • Move 
  • Open (document/version)
  • Open in
  • Review 
  • Rename (document/version)
  • Send to application (document/version)
  • Sign 
  • Upload new version (includes upload via drag from the desktop)