Move or Copy a sharespace to a new location


The purpose of this article is to guide you on how to Move or Copy a sharespace from a folder cabinet to a workspace cabinet.

If you need to move sharespace(s) out of a folder structured cabinet to a workspace cabinet, there is an easy way to do each one. Keep in mind that there isn’t a way to do this en masse. You will need to touch each one for reasons you’ll encounter below.

It is important to note that a sharespace cannot be moved to the root of a workspace, rather, it needs to be placed into a (yellow) folder on that workspace. Even if that workspace only has filters or saved searches currently, a yellow folder would need to be created. The other option is to create a new sharespace at the root of the workspace and move documents into it.  This document will take you through both of these processes step by step.


MOVE/COPY existing sharespace to a yellow folder on a workspace:

Begin by navigating to the folder location where the sharespace(s) reside:


You can initiate the process from this view:

From the first view, highlight the line and click More and then click move/copy



The move/copy process can also be initiated from within the sharespace. Note that I have displayed the sharespace in list view to show the metadata:


Click sharespace options in the top right then drop down to Move/Copy:


Either method will take you to the Move/Copy dialog window.

Fill in your Client and Matter (or in my case, Category and Subcategory):

After selecting your location, you will need to either use an existing folder or to create a new one. I chose to create a new one:


The option to add a folder exists within other folders as well, so if you’d like to change the location of the sharespace to a subfolder, you can create that subfolder on the fly.

I am going to choose to ‘Copy’ the sharespace instead of ‘Moving’ it.


Different needs may determine whether this is the right option for you, but if you have the liberty of leaving the originals in their current location, this may be the best option for redundancy reasons.  You can always go back and remove the original sharespace later.  Copying the sharespace will create an identical copy of it and its contents. That copy process will include document metadata such as names, authors, created date and last modified dates.

You will be Prompted to create a new sharespace name. The default will be the same as the original name with (copy) appended.  I am going to leave the sharespace name intact for demonstration purposes.


Because ‘add folder’ was selected, the next screen will be the profile screen for that folder.

Here you can create a folder profile if you would like it to have one.  Specifically, you need to make sure your new folder has a name.  It may default to ‘-‘ if you don’t specify one.

Unless you’re certain that you need additional profile attributes assigned to this folder, you may want to leave them blank. You can fill them in later if you choose.


Click continue.  The copying (or move) processes will begin:


When the task is done, you will be returned to the original sharespace location.

You can now navigate to the newly created folder and sharespace. Click the new folder name in the navigation pane:


You’ll see the new sharespace.


Open the new sharespace to see your copied documents there:



Create a new sharespace at the root of the workspace instead of Move/Copy the original:


Navigate to the destination workspace and click the drop-down arrow to the right of the workspace name:


Click ‘Add Sharespace’ and give your sharespace a name.



You should see the new sharespace appear as a new container at the bottom of the workspace list

Now, you need to navigate back to the original sharespace. Open it in the list view, highlight all of your documents, click group option, then move/copy.


You’ll be taken to the move/copy dialog similar to what you see in the first steps of this article.  Follow the instructions found earlier in this article to copy these documents over to the new sharespace.

Since making a copy creates new documents, be aware that the copies will have unique DocID numbers.

Link access will also be different between copied sharespaces. If you have a person or group that is accessing the original sharespace, they will need to be sent a link to the newly copied sharespace.

If you have any questions regarding these instructions, please take a look at the knowledge base for further articles on copying items or sharespace function.