Beta testing NetDocuments client applications


If you'd like to participate in beta testing NetDocuments client applications or have feedback regarding a current beta release, use the following link to go to the support ticket form to request the software and be added to the beta list.

Beta Application Request Form

When on this form, select "Beta" from the help-desk drop-down menu.


Fill in the other fields as needed and choose a Product from the list provided.



The following applications normally have a beta period available shortly prior to release.


ndOffice ndThread ndClick nd App for IOS
ndMail ndMirror ndSync nd App for Android


We highly encourage all NetDocuments customers, with the ability to do so, to participate in one or more of our beta programs.  We recommend testing the beta applications on pilot groups within each environment and progressively expanding that group as you see fit. Please keep in mind that these beta programs are considered experimental and may have an element of risk involved. 

Your participation in the beta program ensures that the upcoming released applications will work as expected in your specific environment and also allows the participants to provide feedback that may be incorporated into future releases of the application. 

Follow beta announcements to know when products are going into beta. All requests will be handled in a similar manner as a support ticket and will be tracked for your convenience and ours. You should expect to hear back from the Beta Program Managers within a few business days of your request. Each request will add you to a distribution list for that application so you don't need to request new beta versions every time one is released. Instead, you will receive a notification via that email string when a new version is ready to be tested. You will also be able to log into the support site to see your requests in a similar fashion to a standard support ticket. 

To be removed from that distribution list, simply request that using the same form or an existing beta request email string.

Note that if you want to test ND web in beta, you simply need to follow the instructions for the open beta here.