OAuth Changes in 18.3 – Action Required


As part of the 18.3 release, we are updating a key portion of our OAuth implementation. This is part our ongoing efforts to improve the security of the NetDocuments platform. This change is detailed here:

Upcoming OAuth Changes

This change has the potential to break any applications that connect with NetDocuments. We have been in communication with partners about this change for more than a year now. We anticipate that on the day of the change, some software will not be ready. Accordingly, we are allowing developers of applications to request that their application continue to work according to our 18.2 implementation of OAuth. This request can be made via apisupport@netdocuments.com. Note that applications that continue to use the 18.2 OAuth implementation after the release of 18.3 may require manual re-authentication as often as every 45 days (previously one year). Upon the release of 19.1, all applications will become subject to the new OAuth implementation.

We strongly recommend that you use the 18.3 beta to test your configuration, and report any issues you find with 3rd party applications. We will be posting instructions to connect to the 18.3 beta here once the beta is ready.