FlexConnect and DNS Forwarding



Pointing DNS to NetDocuments Over MPLS Circuit

Set up a DNS conditional forwarder and point it to the DNS server according to the region of the circuit end-point.

  •  US DNS Server:
  •  UK DNS Server:
  •  AU DNS Server:

 Set up the conditional forwarder to forward the following zones:

  • *.netvoyage.com
  • *.netdocuments.com

Find instructions on setting up a conditional forwarder for Windows DNS servers here:

https://www.dell.com/support/article/bb/en/bbdhs1/sln164002/how-to-create-a-conditional forwarder-on-a-windows-dns-server?lang=en

Route the entire IP block below through your MPLS circuit based on the region of your circuit end-point:

  •  US -
  •  UK -
  •  AU -

Important:  In the event of an MPLS circuit outage, the Conditional Forwarder should be removed.  This will force DNS queries to resolve to our Akamai IPs and allow the NetDocuments service to remain accessible for local users.  After circuit recovery, the Conditional Forwarder can be re-added to the local DNS server.

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