How to use ndClick Mac


Learn how to use ndClick on your Mac computer to have a smoother experience in modern browsers.

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Installing ndClick on your Mac will help you download, share, open, and email documents faster and more efficiently.

Tip 1: Get started with ndClick

After installing ndClick, it will automatically start when you log in to your computer. After you sign in to NetDocuments, ndClick should already be running and responding to your actions without further action.

ndClick Mac stores files in /Users/%userprofile%/Library/ndClick.

When installed on Mac, ndClick will appear in the Status menu here: 


If you want to exit ndClick, right-click the icon.jpg icon and select Exit. We do not recommend doing this as it can be easy to overlook the next time you need to use it. Unless there is a functional or other reason for exiting the application, you should leave it running and are safe doing so.

Tip 2. Open and check out documents from NetDocuments

To download a document, select the document name. ndClick will download it and display a notification message such as this one: 

During the display of the "Checking Out.." message, ndClick will open the document using the default program. The default program is a setting on the local machine. For example, if you have Adobe Reader set as your default PDF application, ndClick will use that application instead of any other available PDF handlers. 

Tip 3. Send a document via email

With ndClick installed and operating on your mac, you can send copies of documents via email.

To email a copy of a document, navigate to your document in the NetDocuments web interface, select the checkbox next to the document name and then select Email copy.


The following message appears:


Your local default email application, such as outlook, should open (if not already) and a new email with a copy of the document attached should appear.  The document name will be indicated in the email subject line. You're then ready to build out the remainder of your email and send it at your discretion. 

Tip 4. Print a Document Directly from NetDocuments

Having ndClick installed enables the Print option from the NetDocuments web interface within Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Navigate to the document you'd like to print, mark the checkbox next to the document name. Click More in the top right of the window


and then select Print. The following dialog box appears:


You can enter the number of copies you need to print in the Copies box, and then select OK.

The following message should appear:


Your document should begin printing on your default device. 

Note: if your default device is a Print to PDF function, you may see that pdf application open with your document. If you need an actual physical print out, change your default printer to the appropriate printing device.

Tip 5. Share a document with any other person

If you have a document that is too large to send via email, you can email a secured link to that document to any person with an email address. That person doesn't need to be a NetDocuments user. The secure link has options to password protect the download, lock the version sent, prevent downloading directly from the ND interface, and notify you when the recipient has used the link to access the document.

To share a document in this way, navigate to your desired item within NetDocuments web, click the checkbox next to the document name. Click More, and then select Deliver a secured link. The following window will appear:


You can create a password in the Password protect this link box. Confirm that is was typed correctly in the Re-enter password box.

In the To: box, enter the email of one or more recipients. If you enter more than one person in the recipient list, each person will get a unique email containing the full body of the email and the link to the document(s),

Note: Send a copy to me will send you an informative email describing what actions were done:


This email, to you, will show who the link was sent to and the body of your email message. 

If you choose to send the email through this interface, that email is NOT tracked by outlook or any other email application. If you would rather send the email through outlook or another application use the Send link through email option. 

Doing so will open your default email program and a new email will be created with the inserted link, email recipients, and subject line.

If you protect your link with a password, the recipient must use this password to access the document.

For more information about using ndClick, check out our ndClick user help here.

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