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WHAT WE ARE ANNOUNCING TODAY:  NetDocuments is continually working to improve our software and services to best meet the needs of our customers, with security being of the utmost importance. We are announcing the disabling of TLS 1.1.  Please consider this your written notification of End of Life of TLS 1.1.

WHEN WILL THIS CHANGE TAKE EFFECT: On September 30, 2018, NetDocuments will be disabling TLS 1.1 across the entire service.

IMPACT OF CHANGE:  This change has the potential to break integrations with NetDocuments if no action is taken.

ACTION REQUIRED: We have provided a list of IP Addresses below. We encourage you to test your configuration, at your earliest opportunity, to confirm that you are ready for the change. We will continue to support the newer and more secure TLS 1.2 protocol, which is supported by all modern browsers and coding libraries.

NOTE: All current versions of NetDocuments client software are compatible with TLS 1.2.       vault.netvoyage.com        #tls 1.1 disabled       api.vault.netvoyage.com        #tls 1.1 disabled       upload.vault.netvoyage.com        #tls 1.1 disabled       ldserver.vault.netvoyage.com        #tls 1.1 disabled      eu.netdocuments.com        #tls 1.1 disabled      api.eu.netdocuments.com        #tls 1.1 disabled      upload.eu.netdocuments.com        #tls 1.1 disabled       ldserver.eu.netdocuments.com        #tls 1.1 disabled     au.netdocuments.com        #tls 1.1 disabled    api.au.netdocuments.com        #tls 1.1 disabled      upload.au.netdocuments.com        #tls 1.1 disabled      ldserver.au.netdocuments.com        #tls 1.1 disabled


WHO TO CONTACT IF YOU HAVE ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS: Technical Support. We prefer that you go to support.netdocuments.com to submit a support request for your issue, so we can manage it more efficiently and provide you with access to your cases. Telephone Support is provided with no additional charge. Cases can be submitted online 24 hours a day. Response to cases submitted outside of business hours will be the following business day. 

However, if you need to contact Technical Support via the phone use the following information:

US customers call 801-226-6882 or 866-NETDOCS (638-3627)

EU customers call +44(0) 2034.556770

AU customers call +61 2 8310 4319 

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